• What is your Job Profile?
  • What do you expect from this workshop?
  • Any use case where you see blockchain applies?
    • Helps tailor the workhop contents to suit the audience profile, job responsibilities and their expectation from the workshop
  • Blockchain and its Impact? – 2 Hours
  • Cryptography & Blockchain Concepts – 1.5 Hours
  • Blockchain Classifications – 1.5 Hours
    • Understand the basics of blockchain; Blockchain Impact and how it is different from legacy systems
    • Blockchain Industry Developments*
    • Asymmetric & Symmetric cryptography; Data Structures in Blockchain – Ledgers, Blocks, Transaction and Understanding Wallets
    • Identifying fundamentals of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and its evolution.
    • Distinguish between blockchains, cryptocurrency and ownership
    • Understanding fundamental concepts of blockchain technology
    • Types of Blockchain & their Features – Private, Public, and Permissioned Blockchain*”
  • Distributed Ledgers and P2P Networks – 2 Hours
  • Decentralization – 2 Hours
  • Understanding Immutability and Consensus Mechanisms – 3 Hours
    • Distinguish between proof of work, proof of stake and mining
    • Understanding problem of consensus and how underlying mechanism of blockchain solves it (PoW (Double Spend Problem), PoS, PoET Mechanisms)
    • P2P Paradigm in context of Blockchain
    • Definition of Decentralization; Decentralized Applications and Governance
    • OffChain & OnChain
  • Blockchain Ecocystem – 2 Hours
  • Vulnerabilities of Blockchains – 1 Hours
  • Understanding the Best Fit – 2 Hours
  • Architecting the Solution – 3 Hours
    • Awareness of Blockchain Implementations – Privacy & Control
    • Usability challenges – Key management
    • Industry pioneers, venture capitalists, developers, governments, regulators, leaders, and end users
    • Comparisons of different Blockchain platforms and their salient features (Hyperledger, Ethereum, multichain etc.)
    • Understanding Business Scenarios and Factors that Help in Deciding Platform
    • Combining Drivers to Choose the Best Blockchain Solution
    • Costing Models and Scenario Analysis; Building Monoliths v/s Scalability
  • Smart Contracts and Logic Tier – 3 Hours
  • Why use Blockchain (To use or not to use) – 1 Hours
  • Which Blockchain to be used (which platform) – 1 Hours
  • Use Cases & Applications – 2 Hours
    • Everything about Smart Contracts. Design, Develop, applicability etc.
    • Smart Contracts as the next Logical Frontier; Definition of Smart Contracts*; Applicability of Smart Contracts; Smart Contract Do’s & Don’t
    • Validation & Standardization of Smart Contracts
    • Testing of a Blockchain Application and API architecture
    • Use Cases (Domain to be discussed are BFSI, Supply Chain, Document Management, Insurance…)
    • Limitation of available tools and methods
    • How to decide if Blockchain is to be used or not and How to choose the right platform
    • Describing some use cases*; Blockchain Challenges – Adoption & Technical
  • Other Blockchain Development Networks – 2 Hours
  • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain – 2 Hours
  • Multilayer Middleware and Design – 3 Hours
    • Limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks
    • Multi-chain, Tendermint, Corda, Stellar and other Development Applications
    • A thought on Blockchain with IOT, AI/ML*
    • Design Considerations
    • Leadership for Next ERA; Blockchain in Enterprises
    • Introduction to Scaling and Production
    • Utilities of Blockchain in the Future
    • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain
  • Project
    • Project work (Off site, Cloud VM for individual trainee, email Q&A, Final review)
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