The Learner will be able to understand the Blockchain basics, different components of Blockchain in all details, one of the Blockchain protocol among Hyperledger Sawtooth / Hyperledger Fabric / Ethereum / R3 Corda with coding for Smart Contracts and Consensus mechanisms. They will also learn development of distributed applications (DApp) and distributed governance. The course is being delivered by architects and consultants who are subject matter experts and are involved in developing solutions to industry use cases in class room setting. This course will also touch upon different use cases across different business domains with interactive hands-on lab and continued access for 6 months.

Key Highlights:

  • a. Designed for Business Professionals
  • b. 5 day in class learning
  • c. Projects and assignments
  • d. Hands-On Lab and continued access for 6 months
  • e. Timely doubt resolution
  • f. One-on-One with industry mentors
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